The activities of the ESRU include:

Representation of the views, ideas and needs of the European urological residents in urology in various fora, such as the EBU, the EAU and the medical

Supporting the different national organizations of urological trainees, and supporting the foundation of such organizations in countries where they do not

Editing an up-dated document on the ESRU' s view of good urological training and collecting information about the present training situation for the

Organizing exchanges between trainees in different countries. promotion of educational courses and material directed to urological trainees, if possible

Organization of the annual International Meeting of the European Society of Residents in Urology, which provides a forum for scientific and social

Maintaining an updated Internet site for the spread of information to the European trainees facilitating the contact among trainees and between trainees and

Our Objectives

The objectives of the ESRU foundation are:

To support training in urology in Europe to closely collaborate with the EBU, the EAU and other recognised organisations.

To organize congresses and workshops for urologists in training.

To maintain a representation in the EBU and in organizations, which are involved in urological training in Europe.

To support the creation of national associations for urologists in training in Europe.


Angelika Cebulla

Internal Coordinator
Diego Carrion M.
Chairman Elect
Taha Uçar
Guglielmo Mantica
Juan Gomez Rivas
Past Chairman
Francesco Esperto
Sven Nikles