Personal Monetary Costs of Urology Residency - Survey

During urology residency, academic training involves attending courses and congresses, going aboard for rotations, expenses on publications, among others; however, personal monetary costs involved have not been evaluated.

The European Society of Residents in Urology (ESRU) invites you to participate in the survey entitled “ Personal Monetary Costs of Urology Residency” which aims to evaluate the personal expenses during urology residency and its relevance in the quality of medical training.

Undergraduate project Survey

Urological diseases are highly prevalent in the European Union, their social and economic impact is enormous, and their incidence will likely increase with the aging of the population. Approximately half of medical students will enter generalist fields in which many of their patients will have urological problems. Medical student exposure and experience in urology differs between European countries and institutions. To date, there is not any comprehensive study assessing urology-specific education among European universities.


The Investigation and DEtection of urological Neoplasia in paTIents reFerred with suspected urinary tract cancer: A multicentre analYsis (IDENTIFY)

IDENTIFY Meeting @ EAU 2018 meeting, Copenhagen: Saturday 17th March 2018 13:00 -14:00 (CET, UTC +1) Meeting Room 14 in the Orange Area