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Urological training:

Yerevan State Medical University is the oldest institution of higher medical education in Armenia having been founded at the beginning of 20th century. Teaching within the faculty of general medicine is currently carried out in three languages: Armenian, Russian, and English. The duration of the program is 5 years and culminates in the attainment of a degree of general practitioner. After completing the compulsory medical training in the Faculty of General Medicine YSMU students are obliged to get further practical experience as interns. This 11-months training is compulsory for the students of medicine and only after obtaining it they can get the license for medical practice. After mastering the curriculum and passing their finals, the interns are granted special certificates, which allow them to practice in the field of practical health care. YSMU advanced graduates can receive special medical training or be enrolled in clinical residency in one of the disciplines (1 to 4 years) offered at YSMU due to the curricula right after receiving their diploma, omitting internship. The residency program for urology is for 3 years. After one year of internship in surgery the residents in urology extend their theoretical and practical knowledge under the guidance of YSMU departmental professors and, also, obtain practical skills in medical centers, hospitals, outpatient clinics under the supervision of leading urologists. After mastering the curriculum, intermediate attestations and passing their finals, the residents are granted special certificates, which allow them to work as practical specialist in both state and private hospitals and also in out-patient clinics. After the 3 years of residency a young urologist may continue the education in clinical/academic fellowship in writing a thesis PhD degree in approximately for 3 years.

Career prospects:

After finally completing the residency a urologist may work as:

  • Practical specialist in state/private hospitals
  • Practical specialist in state/private out-patient clinic
  • Research fellow in clinical / research facilities conducting a research for obtaining degree
  • Academic professional teaching students / interns being as assistant professor, docent or professor.