National Communications Officers:

Stephanie Boret Leuven
Phone: 0032472356893

General Information - Demographics:

Belgium has a population of 10,4 million inhabitants and is a member of both the European Union (EU) and the European Board of Urology (EBU). About 102 urological departments are operating all over the country. There are more then 300 urologists and 88 residents in urology, counting for 1 urologist per 30000 inhabitants and 1 resident per approx. 4 urologists.

National Urological Society:

Belgian Association of Urology (BAU)
President: Dr. Johan Braeckman & Dr. Thierry Pontus

Residents Organization:

ESRU Belgium
President: Dr. Jeroen Van Besien

Urological training:

After 7 years of medical school, you have to be chosen (mostly by curriculum) to start the 6 years of urological training. The common trunk surgery consists of 2 years and is followed by 4 years urological residency. There is a written exam about the basics of urology after the common trunk. There is no final exam, but residents are motivated to pass the EBU written examination.

Fellowship - Research Opportunities:

There aren’t any. You have to be chosen.

Career prospects:

Currently, the prospects of young urologists are decreasing and many residents have to go abroad to follow laparoscopic training.