National Communications Officers:


General Information - Demographics:

Bulgaria has a population of 8.2 million inhabitants and is a member of the European Board of Urology (EBU). 28 Urological Departments are operating all over the country. There are 255 Urologists (1 urologist per 32,156 inhabitants) and 29 Residents (1 resident per approx. 9 urologists).

National Urological Society:

Balgarsko Urologichno Druzhestvo
President: Prof. Mitko Tzvetkov

Urological training:

After graduation from Medical school to continue specializing in Urology one must get enrolled in Residency by means of a written examination in the theory of Urology, organized each year by the Medical University .The Residency has changed from 4 to 5 years of training last year, several examinations are to be passed every 6 months in the resident's Department. Upon finishing the Residency term there is a final examination, both practical and theoretical, before an Examining Committee run by the Ministry of Health, which provides a license of Specialty.

Fellowship - Research Opportunities:

There are doctoral programmes financed by the State and organized by the Medical Universities leading to PhD titles upon accomplishing a scientific work and its presentation and validation through a certain procedure. Research is done at the same time in all the University departments.

Career prospects:

A certified Urologist can practice in hospital environment or in the outpatient sector having a specialized Practice-group or individual. There is not a CME system for the time being in use.