The member countries of the ESRU correspond to the member countries of the EBU, which is one of the boards of the "Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes" (the UEMS) and thereby the official body of urologists in the European Union. In addition to the EU member countries, the UEMS has accepted a number of countries as full members which makes them eligible to be represented in the EBU and ESRU as full members. Countries that are associated members of the UEMS have the possibility to become associated members of the ESRU. Structure Each country may send two representatives (National Communication Officers - NCO's) to the ESRU Board.

In the vast majority of the member countries the NCO's are elected by the national urological trainees' organization. In a few countries where no such national organization exists, the national urological association proposes the NCO's. The ESRU Board meets twice a year. In addition to the NCO's, invited trainees of non-member countries are frequently present at the committee meetings. For some of the most important objectives of the ESRU, specific NCO's are appointed for the organization of the work. These NCO's are the Exchange Officer, the Education Officer and the Internet Officer. The Executive Committee of the ESRU is in charge of organizing and co-ordinating the activities of the ESRU. The members of the Executive Committee are the chairman, the chairman elect, the secretary, the treasurer, and the past chairman. The ESRU Executive Committee is represented in the EBU committees and in the EAU.

Member Countries

   Armenia    Austria    Belarus    Belgium
   Bulgaria    Croatia    Czech Republic    Denmark
   Estonia    Finland    France    Georgia
   Germany    Greece    Hungary    Ireland
   Italy    Latvia    Lithuania    Macedonia
   Moldova    Netherlands    Norway    Poland
   Portugal    Romania    Russia    Slovakia
   Slovenia    Spain    Sweden    Switzerland
   Turkey    Ukraine    United Kingdom    Uzbekistan