National Communications Officers:

- Sven Nikles 

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General Information - Demographics:

Croatia has a population of 4.5 million inhabitants and is a member of the European Board of Urology (EBU). There are 130 Urologists (1 urologist per 34,615 inhabitants) and 20 Residents (1 resident per approx. 7 urologists).

National Urological Society:

Hrvatsko Urološko Društvo
President: Prof. dr. sc. Daniel Derežic

Urological training:

After graduating medical school (6 years), there is a 5-year long training at one of the urological training centres. Training period consists of the following areas of medical work: nephrology, hemodialysis, urologic gynecology, general surgery, pediatric urology, emergency urology, urodynamics and andrology, urolithiasis and ESWL, urologic oncology, renal transplantation and general urology. Each of these periods finishes with an exam and at the end of the residency an exit exam exists, which consists of an oral and an operative part. Many residents participate the EBU examination in urology every year.

Career prospects:

A large percentage of urologists work in general or university hospitals. Another alternative is private practice.