Czech Republic

National Communications Officers:

- Vojtech Fiala


-Vojtech Novak


General Information - Demographics:

The Czech Republic (capital Prague) has a population of about 10 million inhabitants and from 2004 is a member of EU. The Czech Republic is a member of the European Board of Urology (EBU). There are three universities offering medical education on a total of eight medical faculties. The biggest and most famous is Charles University (three medical faculties in Prague, Pilsen and Hradec Kralove) in The Czech Republic which was founded in 1348. There are 71 Urological Departments and are operating all over the country. There are 655 urologists (1 urologist per 15.267 inhabitants) and approximately 150 residents (1 resident per approx. 4 urologists).

National Urological Society:

?eská Urologická Spole?nost (?US JEP )
President: Prof. Tomáš Hanuš

Urological training:

After graduating Medical School we can enter any hospital with a urological department and start urological training. Up to now there was a double-step educational postgradual system. In April 2006 new system came to force, in wich we have to work as urologists for 60 months (including 12 months on acreditated department. Then we need to work in a surgical department for at least nine months, then in a department of internal medicine for two months and finally in a department of anesthesiology for one month. After that we take Degree Exam in Urology (written, oral and practical part). First aid course and a low course in medicine is also mandatory. Participation in EUREP and at least two ESU is strongly recomended and appreciated. After having done this exam we are qualified urologists. The written part can be replaced by In Service Examination and the oral part by Oral EBU Examination (part II – FEBU). Prior to the exam we have to write a urological thesis ( e.g. ESWL in Urology).

Career prospects:

As urologists we can work at any hospital with a urological department or we can have our own private practice. To work as a private urologist we need to pass the Degree Exam in Urology. To become the Head of a Urological Department, the Degree Exam in Urology and minimum of 10 years of praxis is compulsory.

Fellowship - Research Opportunities:

There is the Ministry of Health Internal Grant Agency in the Czech Republic. If we are interested in doing some urological research, we can ask this agency for some money, but we succeed only if the the project is good enough. The money is for a three-year period, then the results need to be defended. If they are none, the money has to be returned.