National Communications Officers:

- Jurijus Makevicius
Vilnius. Lithuania
Phone: +37067059040

General Information - Demographics:

Lithuania has a population of 3.48 million inhabitants. 11 Urological Departments are operating all over the country. There are 140 Urologists (1 urologist per 24,857 inhabitants) and 12 Residents (1 resident per approx. 12 urologists)

National Urological Society:

Lithuanian Urological Society / Lietuvos Urolog? Draugija
President: Dr Daimantas Milonas

Residents Organization: 

Lithuanian Society of Residents in Urology / Lietuvos Urolog? Rezident? Draugija
President: Dr. Ar?nas Kulboka

Urological training:

After graduating Medical School a doctor spends 1 year at General Medicine Residency (in therapy, surgical, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics inpatients and outpatients departments) with final National Examination at the endpoint. Then he must enter (after passing the entrance examination) into General Surgery Residency for 4 years. Then final surgery and entrance urology residency examinations must be passed. The Urology Residency lasts 2 years and it takes place in adults and pediatric urology, nephrology departments. After final examination resident becomes certified urologist. From the year 2003 the Urology Residency duration will be 5 years from which 2 years must be spent in surgery departments. General Surgery Residency will not be required.

Career prospects:

Urologists are required at several urology, surgery and outpatients departments in Lithuania. The working conditions are good and there are possibilities to use modern diagnostic and treatment options in several central hospitals. Due to lack of financial support there is deficiency of even elementary urological equipment in small peripheral hospitals. In largest hospitals we have possibilities for transurethral, ureteroscopic, percutaneous surgery, ESWL. Also radical prostatectomies, cystectomies, nephron sparing surgery are performed. Urological laparoscopy is still weak in Lithuania. Conferences and meetings of Lithuanian Society of Urologists occur continuously. Our doctors and residents have possibilities to read new urological journals and books. National urological guidelines are being prepared on the basis of the European urological guidelines.

Fellowship - Research Opportunities: 

National postgraduate training in our country is developing in the context of the Lithuanian Society of Urologists. Its special school for young urologists organizes 2 – 4 conferences per year.