National Communications Officers:

- Charlotte Christiaansen


General Information - Demographics:

The Netherlands has a population of 16.75 million inhabitants and is a member of both the European Union (EU) and the European Board of Urology (EBU). 131 Urological Departments and 23 training sites are operating all over the country. There are 356 Urologists (1 urologist per 47,000 inhabitants) and 124 Residents (1 resident per approx. 3 urologists).

National Urological Society:

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Urologie (NVU)
President: Prof. dr. J.M. Nijman

Residents Organization: 

Jonge Urologen Club (JUC)
President: Jur Willemsen

Urological training:

After completion of Medical School the future resident can participate in the national selection procedure for urology. Most of all, the chances of being selected are increased by gaining some experience. This can be done by working as a resident not in training or to perform (PhD) research at one of the university sites. After selection the residents have to apply for the training in one of the university clinics. If they are selected a 2 years training for general surgery must be arranged by the resident in one of the surgical training hospitals. After that the 4 years training for urology starts. This period is divided in a period in a university hospital and in a training hospital. Every year there are two national training days and one exam. During the training it is obligated to present at least an abstract at one of the congresses. There is no finalizing exam, but residents are motivated to pass the FEBU exam.

Career prospects:

At the moment the prospect for young urologists are good. In Holland the urological standard is high and consistent to European standards. Due to years of a strict selection procedure for residents of urology a shortage of urologists is a fact. Working academically or in a smaller country hospital is possible due to the fact that a lot of older urologists are at the end of their career. The older population is still demanding more and more care so future looks fine.

Fellowship - Research Opportunities:

Most initiatives are made through our national organization and at their site everybody is free to look around for this. Links are made through this site.