First of all welcome to ESRU! The text below contains instruction on how to become set up as a country national communication officer (NCO) within ESRU.

Country pages

Every member state of ESRU has a country page on our website, you can view the different pages clicking here

The country page contains some basic information on the member country and lists the current NCOs. This information is updated by the NCO, and you may access it by first registering an account on our website. You can register by following this link:

If you have a Facebook account you may use your credentials from here to create an account. Just press the Facebook button at the bottom of the page.

After creating an account contact the webmaster by sending an email containing your name, country and name of the NCO you are replacing to:

The webmaster will now be able to add your profile to the country page. Hereafter you may edit the content of your contry page by logging in and going to the country page. To see who is the current NCO of a country click here

Google Group

Information from the executive comittee is posted through our google groups. To make sure you do not miss out on important information please request membership by going to the group page, if you are not already receiving these mails.

ESRU board Google Group

ESRU is currently active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Information is posted regularly on sites within the social media. Below you can click on the icon of the respective media to follow us. Please do!

If you have any further questions or ideers for improvement of the site, please do not hessitate to contact us. Furthermore, if you have any information that might be relevant to the ESRU community please send it to us.

On behalf of the ESRU ExCom.

Taha U├žar,
Webmaster/Internet officer.