National Communications Officers:


General Information - Demographics:

Norway has a population of 4.5 million inhabitants and is a member of the European Board of Urology (EBU). 22 Urological Departments are operating all over the country. There are 101 Urologists (1 urologist per 44,555 inhabitants) and 39 Residents (1 resident per approx. 3

National Urological Society:

Norsk Urologisk Førening (SUF)
President: Dr. Tor Erik Sand

Urological training:

After graduation from medical school: 18 months mandatory internship (6 mo Surgery, medicine and general practice or 4 mo surgery, 4 mo medicine, 4 mo elective and 6 mo general practice). The Norwegian Board of Urology requires certification in General Surgery for certification as a urologist. To qualify as a general surgeon and a urologist you need: 4 years general surgery and 3 years urology. Complete a list of specified courses (one for urology and one for general surgery). Perform the minimum number of procedures according to a short list (one for urology and one for general surgery).

Career prospects:

At the moment residents in urology have no trouble finding employment at the end of their training. All hospitals were taken over by the central government in January 2002. It is difficult to predict future need for urologists as there are proposals to reorganize hospitals and surgical services within Norway.

Fellowship - Research Opportunities:

There are few, if any fellowship programs or structured R&D initiatives.