National Communications Officers:

Ass. Prof. Dr. C. Codoiu
Fundeni Clinical Institute SOS. Fundeni nr. 258, Sector 2, 022328 Bucharest, Romania

- Codoiu Claudiu M.D. PhD
Bucharest, Sos. Fundeni nr. 258, sector 2. Departament of Urology
Position: NCO for România
Phone/Fax: +4 0212750740
Mobile: +4 0736035492

Personal Information:
I am Assitent Professor at Urology Department, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", Bucharest, and the Romanian Residents Society President.

General Information - Demographics:

Romania is a country in southeastern Europe within European Union with a population around 20 million people. There are a number of about 430 urologists that are active members of the Romanian Association of Urology (RUA) and around 170 junior members that constitute the Romanian Residents Association of Urology.

National Urological Society:

Romanian Association of Urology (RUA)
President: Prof. Dr. I. Sinescu

Residents Organization: 

Romanian Residents Association of Urology
President: Ass. Prof. Dr. C. Codoiu
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Urological training:

In 3 sentences: what one has to do to become a board certified urologist in the respective country - Five year of Urological training in Romania (with entrance by national scale exam, there are about 20-30 new positions each year, for about 2000 graduates from all the universities). Only three years for the urology, the other two for complementary modules like general surgery, nephrology, vascular surgery, etc. - During the training the resident attends the Urological department he was admitted to, but also he can attend other Urological departments with national excellence in renal transplantation, uro-laparoscopy, etc. He develops clinical and surgical abilities but also must attend on publishing and research activities. -At the end of the five years, the resident have to pass a three steps exam (theoretic – thesis, case presentation – to a committee, and practical examination that consists in performing a surgical procedure either open surgery or endo/laparoscopic.

Career prospects:

What one can do (work) in the country as a board certified urologist: academic urologic institutions, hospital urology department urologic territorial ambulatory (public health network, or private medical facilities)