Slovak Republic

National Communications Officers:

- Martin Franko
97517 Banska Bystrica
, Slovakia
Phone: N/A

- Tibor Matuska
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Phone: N/A

General Information - Demographics:

The Slovak Republic has a population of about 5.5 million inhabitants, its capital is Bratislava and is a member of EU. There are four medical faculties offering medical education. Slovak Republic is a member of the European Board of Urology (EBU) and has 44 residents in post gradual training.

National Urological Society:

Slovenska Urologicka Spolocnost (SUS)
President: Doc. MUDr. Ivan Minčík, PhD.

Residents Organization: 

Mladi Urologovia (Young Urologists)

Urological training:

After graduating medical school doctor with interest in becoming a urologist finds work on urology department where he/she has to work for 5 years. During this training period he/she has to work also in internal, surgical, gynecological and anesthetics and urgent medicine department.  After absolving this, doctor has to write a urological thesis and perform particular amount of surgical procedures. The final step to become urological specialist is to pass oral exam on university.

Career prospects:

As certified urologists you can work at any urological department or you can have your own private practice.

Clinic visits - Fellowship - Research Opportunities: 

Slovak residents and young urologists are welcome to attend Slovak and foreign fellowships. Usually just before absolving final exam urologists absolve one month training on some of the universities. Slovak young urologists are supported by guidance and also financially by national grants and these activities are very welcome.