National Communications Officers:

- Mark Stepanchenko
Chernivtsi 77
Phone: +380957536214

General Information - Demographics:

Ukraine has a population of 49.2 million inhabitants. There are 1746 Urologists and 74 Residents.

National Urological Society:

Association of Urologists, Nephrologists and Andrologists of Ukraine / Асоціація урологів, нефрологів та андрологів України
President: Acad. Prof. A.F. Vozianov

Urological training:

  • Graduation from Institute (6 years of education) – obtaining a diploma of General Physician I. Internship (18 months)
  • Practical residential course at Urology department, Out-patient department – 9 months
  • Practice in specialized Urology department: - patient management (wards), - assistant practical skills in OR, - main - surgeon practical skills in OR, - performing interventional diagnostic procedures. Practice in Out-patient Urology department: - screening, prevention, prophylactics, - diagnostic procedures, - ambulatory minor surgical procedures. Theoretical educational course on the base of academic institution – 9 months.
  • Theoretical lessons on current issues in Urology.
  • Lectures on Urology, Emergency Medicine, Surgery.
  • Internship research work / project.
  • Self-prepared topics (work in library with information resources).
  • Work in morgue (topography, operative surgery / urology).
  • Work in vivarium (optional) – remodeling operative situation.
  • Assistance with general surgeons.
  • Participation in clinical conferences, clinical cases’ analysis, pathomorphological conferences Quizzes: 3 major current quizzes (each 4-5 months) Exams: State Certification Exam on Urology - certificate of Urologist with permission for state practice II. Residency course at clinics as an certified urologist – 3,5 years - Practical work in wards, OR as an certified specialist - Continuing education in clinical / academic fellowship with writing a thesis for C.Sc. (candidate sciences) degree.

Career prospects:

Afterwards final completing residency urologist may work as an: - practical specialist in state/private hospitals (private requires special permission), - research fellow in clinical / research facilities conducting a research for obtaining degree, - academic professional teaching students / interns being as assistant professor, docent or professor. Employment is provided according to professional skills, accreditation level of institution, available places for employment and category of professional compatibility (controlled every 5 years by Higher Accreditation Council in Urology). Comparing European standards, scientific degree in Ukraine is obtained as follows: writing a C.Sc thesis with receiving C.Sc. degree, then – M.D. thesis for M.D. degree respectively.

Fellowship - Research Opportunities:

Certified post-graduate training is obligatory every 5 years by attending training courses for updating knowledge in Urology. These courses are general or specific, according to specialization in Urology and followed by testing knowledge with approving / disapproving category. The evaluation is provided by Higher Accreditation Council in Urology headed by Acad. Vosianov A.F. Urologists may undergo training programs abroad for improving their practical / theoretical skills and continuing practical academic work after returning back home.