National Communications Officers:

- Muzaffar Tukhtamishev
Tashkent RSCU
Phone: N/A

General Information - Demographics:

Population: 28 000 000 Number of urologic departments: 5 Number of academic urologic institutions: 1 Number of urologists: more than 400 Number of residents: 25

National Urological Society:

Scientific Society of Urologist of Uzbekistan
President: Prof. F.Akilov

Residents Organization: 

Uzbek Urological Society of Residents (UUSR)

Urological training:

After seven years of study for bachelor degree, students receive Diploma of “General Practitioner”. Each graduated student has a real chance to have a postgraduate education in a field of urology. In Uzbekistan there are two kind of urological training systems: the first one, named “Magistratura or Residency”, lasts 3 years. The other one “Clinical Ordinatura”, lasts 2 years. To enter the Magistratura the candidates have a test exam, which include all subjects from bachelor. And to enter the Clinical Ordinatura the candidates have to pass an interview with the head of the Urological department.

Career prospects:

After graduating residency urologist may work as an: Practical urologist in Government hospitals Research fellow in clinical / research facilities conducting a research for obtaining degree. Academic professional teaching students / interns being as assistant of Urology department. To work as a private urologist we need to have at least 5 years experience in Government hospitals. Every 5 years we have an exam for category of professional compatibility.